Asphalt Plant

Asphalt Plant

Asphalt Providers for Chilliwack, Surrey, Langley and More!

At Key-West Asphalt (333) Ltd, we are committed to provide quality services at every stage of the process, from start to finish. To complement our extensive inventory of equipment and superior pavers, we also create our own asphalt mix at our plant which we often use for special projects and larger government jobs.

Benefits of Choosing Asphalt

  • Smooth and comfortable for drivers: Asphalt creates a smooth, safe surface for people to drive on.
  • Cost-efficient and long-lasting: Fewer bumps on the road means reduced wear and tear on vehicles, which translates to lower operating costs.
  • Energy efficiency for drivers: Smooth asphalt roads increases traction between tires and pavement, which means better fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions.
  • Easy application: Since asphalt can be paved one lane at a time, there is less congestion during construction and less disruption to drivers.
  • Environment friendly: Asphalt is completely recyclable and the material can be used over and over , preserving other resources.
  • Durable: Asphalt is reliable, weather-resistant and can be designed for high or low traffic conditions.

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