Commercial / Residential Paving

Commercial / Residential Paving

Commercial and Residential Paving in Surrey and Surrounding Areas

When you need commercial and residential paving in Surrey, Chilliwack, and the rest of the Lower Mainland, rely on the pavers preferred by so many over the past 10+ years. From driveways to parking lots, small to large jobs, our qualified staff and fleet of equipment can handle any asphalt paving job. We’ll also take care of your maintenance needs, ensuring longer life and added safety.

Why Asphalt is Better

Asphalt is the perfect choice for paving material for a number of reasons. In addition to being inexpensive, asphalt will last for decades in even the toughest of traffic conditions since the process of laying asphalt allows layer after layer to be added for lasting results. Furthermore, periodic maintenance is quick, since long periods of curing are not necessary in comparison to concrete. Maintenance work on asphalt can even be completed in off-peak hours, preventing the long traffic delays that everyone dreads.

Here are some of the other benefits you’ll find with asphalt paving:

  • Utility work is easier and faster when the road is paved in asphalt, since cuts are simple to open and then patch without compromising the integrity of the street.
  • Snowplows won’t damage asphalt, since asphalt paving leaves no joints to catch a blade as concrete does. While concrete roads expand and contract with fluctuating temperatures, asphalt does not.
  • Asphalt’s smoothness never wanes over time. When used on streets and roads, asphalt reduces wear and tear on vehicles for this reason – and, even better, increases gas mileage.

The Commercial and Residential Paving Surrey Depends On

Any commercial and residential paving in Surrey and surrounding areas starts with a call to Key-West Asphalt. We’ll give you a free consultation to determine the scope of your project, and then we’ll book a date and time for the job to be completed. Our workers will then show up promptly to begin work. Rest assured that we’ll leave your property looking pristine!

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When you’re ready for your free estimate and consultation, contact us at Key-West Asphalt. We’re ready to get started on your commercial or residential paving project.