Municipal Paving

Municipal Paving

Municipal Paving in Surrey, Langley, Chilliwack and More

No matter how carefully a municipality maintains its roads and streets, the day does come when they must be replaced. When your city or town needs new municipal paving, see why Key-West Asphalt’s municipal paving services have been the choice for Surrey, Chilliwack and the rest of the Lower Mainland for years. Our cost-effective, fast, durable and non-disruptive services have led to many repeat customers over the years.

Use Asphalt for the Municipal Paving Surrey Prefers

Key-West Asphalt has qualified, detail-oriented paving professionals to ensure that your roads, pathways, municipal parking lots and city streets are long-lasting, eco-friendly, and safe. Our cost-effective and non-disruptive services have led to many repeat customers over the years.

The benefits of using asphalt as the material for municipal paving are plenty. With proper maintenance, asphalt roads can support even the heaviest trucks and machinery as they travel from one place to the next. Additionally, these roads need only periodic maintenance, which can occur quickly without undue user delay costs.

Additionally, asphalt is a low-cost choice for paving for many reasons: its durability with routine maintenance means that a road can stay in good shape for decades. Snow removal won’t cause it to crack, and ice-melting chemicals won’t destroy the surface. Fewer expansions and contractions during temperature fluctuations will keep asphalt intact for longer periods of time, requiring fewer expensive repairs.

The Quiet, Safe, Smooth Choice

Asphalt has even more advantages over other paving materials when you consider as it generates less road noise, stays smooth over time and results in a safer surface for motorists. Asphalt road surfaces are said to result in 50 per cent less road noise than concrete surfaces, reducing the need for expensive noise-reduction walls around neighbourhoods.

Moreover, because asphalt roads drain more easily than concrete roads do, they collect less standing water and increase tire grip, resulting in better safety for motorists. Finally, the contrast between asphalt and road markers provides additional road visibility to drivers in day or night circumstances and all weather conditions.

What to Expect from Our Pavers

Let’s use a city street as an example. We’ll start by removing the current pavement surface, grading the slope and compacting the soil underneath. We put down a sub-base layer of gravel and compact it, supplying an additional proof roll to ensure that the base is supported properly.

This is when we apply the binder layer: a larger aggregate packed with oil to ensure durability. Finally, a top layer of asphalt is laid to give your street a smooth, strong surface. We then smooth the transition from your street to surrounding streets and give the whole thing a final roll for smoothing and compacting.

Should you need to cut into your street for utility work, asphalt makes it quick and simple to repair without impacting the integrity of your roadway. Such cuts are easily reinstated. Moreover, user delay costs are minimal, since the work can be done quickly and during non-peak user periods such as evenings and weekends. This means fewer unhappy motorists.

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